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How to Start a Faceless Youtube Automation Channel and Make Easy $6K per Month

Youtube Automation Channel

Now's a great time to start a passive income source for some easy monthly cash. And what's the best way right now? An automated YouTube channel.

Let's set it up together so you'll only need to work about an hour a day on it.

1. Select a Lucrative Niche #

Your niche is pivotal in determining your channel's trajectory.

Finding a profitable niche involves:

  • Studying Fast-Growing Channels: Research channels that have rapidly increased their subscriber count in the past few months. What's their niche? How do they approach content?

  • Looking at the News: Current events can be a rich source of niche ideas. For instance, a trending global event can create demand for a specific topic.

  • Asking ChatGPT: With its vast database, ChatGPT can provide numerous channel ideas tailored to current trends.

  • Incognito Browser Study: By using incognito mode on YouTube, you'll get non-personalized suggestions, which can be great for identifying what's universally trending.

10 Evergreen YouTube Channel Ideas You Can Start Today

  1. Animated Top 10 Lists: Videos on topics like "Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in the World" or "Top 10 Scientific Discoveries of the Decade." The 'Top 10' format is popular, engaging, and easy to animate or visualize.

  2. Compilation Videos: Curate compilations such as "Most Memorable Movie Quotes" or "Iconic Moments in Sports." Ensure you have the necessary permissions or use royalty-free content.

  3. Tutorial Series: Offer tutorials on timeless skills, like "Basics of Digital Photography," "Learning Guitar for Beginners," or "Essentials of Cooking." Once created, these tutorials remain relevant for years.

  4. Narrated True Crime or Mystery Stories: A faceless format where intriguing true crime or unsolved mystery stories are narrated and visualized with stock footage or animations.

  5. Educational Animations: Dive into topics like history, science, or literature in bite-sized animated lessons. For instance, a series on "World History in 5 Minutes" episodes.

  6. Documentary-style Explainers: Deep dives into evergreen subjects like "The Journey of Coffee: From Bean to Cup" or "The Evolution of Fashion Through the Ages."

  7. Guided Meditations or Relaxation Videos: Create a series of guided meditations, ASMR content, or calming nature sound videos. These have a long shelf life and can be consumed repeatedly by viewers.

  8. Product Review and Comparison: While tech gadgets might become outdated, there are plenty of evergreen product categories like books, classic movies, or essential household items that you can review and compare.

  9. Trivia & Fun Facts: A series dedicated to amazing facts or lesser-known trivia from various domains – "Surprising Facts About the Ocean" or "Little Known Facts About Historical Figures."

  10. Lifestyle Tips & Hacks: Offer content around timeless lifestyle advice, such as "10 Tips for a More Organized Home" or "Essential Life Hacks Everyone Should Know."

2. Identify High-Opportunity Video Ideas #

Remember: A single breakout video can significantly boost your channel.

To scout for promising ideas:

Use VIDIQ AI Coach: #


What is VIDIQ AI Coach?

  • VIDIQ is a comprehensive YouTube analytics and optimization platform, and the AI Coach is one of its features.
  • The AI Coach leverages artificial intelligence to analyze the current YouTube environment, considering factors like trending topics, search volume, and viewer engagement metrics.

How does it help?

  • The AI Coach can identify potential gaps in content or upcoming trends that creators might not be aware of.
  • It can suggest high-opportunity topics or formats that have a higher likelihood of gaining traction, based on its vast data analysis.

Best Practices:

  • Regularly check insights and suggestions from VIDIQ's AI Coach. Trends on YouTube can change rapidly.
  • Ensure to tailor the suggestions you get to your channel’s niche and audience to maintain consistency.

Pro Tip: Let AI writing tools create your video's blueprint, cutting down your prep time significantly.

Utilize TubeBuddy: #

TubeBuddy keyword explorer

What is TubeBuddy?

  • TubeBuddy is a YouTube-certified browser extension that provides creators with advanced analytics, SEO tools, and various features to grow their channels.
  • One of its standout features is the keyword explorer, which allows creators to find keyword opportunities.

How does it help?

  • TubeBuddy's keyword explorer can point out low-competition yet high-demand keywords. These are golden opportunities because they represent topics that a large audience is interested in, but there aren't many videos available.
  • Using these keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags can significantly enhance the visibility of your content in YouTube searches.

Best Practices:

  • Look beyond just the keyword's score; understand the search volume and competition metrics.
  • Consistently use TubeBuddy to optimize your video metadata (title, description, tags) for the best chances of ranking higher in search results.

Model Other Channels: #

What does it mean?

  • Modeling means taking inspiration from successful elements of other channels and integrating them into your content strategy. It doesn’t mean outright copying, but rather understanding what works and why.

How does it help?

  • By studying what's working for other channels, especially those in your niche, you can avoid a lot of trial and error.
  • You can glean insights on video structure, topic selection, audience engagement tactics, thumbnail designs, and much more.

Best Practices:

  • When modeling, aim for "inspired by" rather than "replica of." Ensure that you're adding your unique touch or perspective to differentiate your content.
  • Regularly monitor top performers in your niche. This is not just about the big channels, but also smaller ones that are seeing rapid growth. They might be onto a new trend or format that hasn't saturated yet.

3. Hire and Automate #

Automation can significantly reduce your workload.

  • Scripts with ChatGPT: Use ChatGPT to help with content ideation, script outlines, and even draft full scripts for your videos.

  • Video Creation with InVideo: Instead of hiring a videographer or learning video editing, InVideo can generate professional-looking videos based on your script.

  • Thumbnail Generation with Midjourney: A captivating thumbnail can drastically improve click-through rates. Midjourney can automate this process for you.

  • Voiceover: Even if your channel is faceless, it's recommended to use a human voiceover. This makes content more relatable and is preferred by YouTube for monetization. Platforms like can be useful for this.

Monetization Tip: Ensure your channel adheres to YouTube's monetization policies. Using a human voiceover, as mentioned, is a critical component.

Free ChatGPT Prompts for Gathering Ideas for a Faceless YouTube Automation Channel #

ChatGPT prompt

Using ChatGPT for brainstorming can be an effective way to generate fresh and unique ideas for your faceless YouTube channel. The prompts act as catalysts, sparking creativity and helping you unearth topics, formats, or angles you may not have considered. Just keep in mind you'll need to use a browsing plugin like BrowserOp if you want to ask ChatGPT about trends.

Without further ado, here's a list of prompts to kick-start your ideation process:

"ChatGPT, what are current popular culture trends that can be integrated into a faceless YouTube channel?"

2. History Retelling #

"What are some fascinating historical events that can be narrated or animated for a faceless channel?"

3. DIY & Crafts #

"Suggest DIY or craft ideas that can be demonstrated without showing a face?"

4. Topical News #

"Identify major news events from the past month that could be broken down or explained in a faceless video format."

5. Animation Niches #

"What are trending animation niches suitable for faceless content?"

6. Science & Technology #

"Provide breakthrough scientific discoveries or tech innovations that would interest YouTube viewers."

7. Compilations #

"What kind of compilations are currently trending on YouTube?"

8. Educational Insights #

"Recommend educational topics that can be explained using animations or graphics."

9. Myth Busting #

"List down popular myths or misconceptions that can be debunked in an engaging video."

10. Mystery & Unsolved Events #

"Mention intriguing unsolved mysteries or events that people love to hear about."

11. Popularity Analysis #

"What are the most-watched faceless YouTube channels and their primary content type?"

12. Evergreen Topics #

"What are some evergreen topics that consistently generate interest on YouTube?"

13. Unique Hobbies #

"Introduce some lesser-known hobbies or activities that can be showcased facelessly."

14. Fun Facts & Trivia #

"Share fun facts or trivia that can be turned into bite-sized videos or series."

15. Nature & Wildlife #

"Describe breathtaking natural phenomena or wildlife behaviors that can be detailed in a video."

16. Cultural Experiences #

"Detail unique cultural practices or festivals from around the world that viewers might find fascinating."

17. Art & Aesthetics #

"What are some artistic techniques or aesthetic trends that are gaining traction?"

18. Story Narrations #

"Suggest engaging short story themes or plots suitable for a faceless narrative."

19. Psychological Phenomena #

"Highlight intriguing psychological phenomena or theories that people might want to learn about."

20. Trend Predictions #

"Predict upcoming YouTube trends or niches that will gain popularity in the next year."

Looking for More Inspiration? #

Our comprehensive prompting course not only provides you with the foundational knowledge of prompt crafting but also delves deep into advanced techniques and strategies. Make sure to sign up and we'll notify you when we have a new opening.

How to Use These Prompts: #

  1. Personalize: Start by personalizing the prompt to your channel's niche or your interests.
  2. Ask Regularly: Trends change, so keep asking ChatGPT these prompts regularly to stay updated.
  3. Dive Deeper: If a response intrigues you, dive deeper with follow-up questions to flesh out the idea.
  4. Iterate: Use variations of the prompts to gather a broader range of ideas.
  5. Combine Ideas: Sometimes, the best ideas come from merging two seemingly unrelated suggestions.

Monetization Tips #

  1. Affiliate Marketing: Especially for review channels, providing affiliate links in the video description can generate steady revenue.
  2. YouTube Ad Revenue: Enable ads once you meet the YouTube Partner Program requirements.
  3. Sponsored Content: Even evergreen channels can occasionally have sponsored content, provided it aligns with the channel's ethos.
  4. Merchandise and Digital Products: Depending on the channel's niche, selling merchandise (like themed T-shirts) or digital products (like e-books or courses) can be lucrative.

For YouTube Ad Revenue monetization, check this video out on how to get started fast:

Further Tips: #

  • Faceless Content Ideas: Animated stories, top 10 lists, educational content, compilations, gameplays, and tutorials are popular faceless content types.

  • Stay Updated: Always keep an eye on the "faceless youtube channel ideas 2023" and similar keywords to stay on top of current trends.

  • Engage with the Community: Platforms like Reddit can be a goldmine for feedback and ideas. The keyword "faceless youtube channel ideas reddit" can lead you to relevant discussions.

  • Shorts: Faceless YouTube shorts can be a quick way to get traction. They're shorter and often easier to produce.

  • Consistency is Key: Even with automation, consistency in uploading can help maintain subscriber engagement and growth.

Examples of Successful Faceless Channels: Top List channels, Compilation channels, Animated Story channels, Gaming channels without face cams, and Educational animation channels.

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